There is nothing greater in a legacy than to have touched the life of someone who is forever changed by your love, who then carries that love through time. Thus, love is the one thing that never dies. If we are blessed enough to have given and received true love while we are here on earth, then forever, we remain… because the power of love lasts for all of eternity, and the ability to change and make a difference in someone’s life, and in the world, long after we have departed this earth, remains for eternity.

I am absolutely floored by this incredible exploration of life, loss and connection written by my beautiful son, Oliver Richman who has been by my side since James passed away and witnessed the deep, life changing pain I’ve been going through. I’ve always known how sensitive and evolved my brilliant son is, but little did I know that he felt all this pain with me... every second and has articulated and expressed it in this most profound, life changing masterpiece. His ability to articulate what I’ve been going through makes me feel like I’m not alone, and his ability to carry that through to a place of hope and love reminds me, and gives back to me, the very thing I need to carry on. I’m not sure how I was so blessed to be given this soul as my child, but God’s plan is wondrous.

Oliver was chosen to create something for his school, New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Originally, the work was going to be based on something else. After James passed away, he created this. He wrote and directed it remotely. He wrote the brilliant music, lyrics, and vocal arrangements, played the piano, recorded, and edited this entire piece, working remotely and in our home studio without me even knowing. He was by my side and doing schoolwork during the day and then writing, recording and editing through the night. I just saw this now. He is so humble – never talking about himself or what he does. In fact, he downplays all of his enormous talents and accomplishments, but I guess that is why he is so sensitive and can feel the pain of others. He listens and has deep empathy and compassion.

To all the people who have lost loved ones and will be having Christmas this year without them, I hope you’ll find hope in this beautiful piece. I did. After I watched it, two doves came to visit me for a very brief moment. James loved Oliver and was so proud of him. He used to tell me all the time, “Oliver is going to change the world.” He was so looking forward to being a part of that... and I can see that he is – and will always be. His spirit lives in this incredible production that I know will move people deeply. There is no greater legacy than this. To my beautiful son, thank you... forever, “you changed my song.”

LISA DAWN MILLER  12/17/2020